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  (1) Consultation of Registration: From a mark to a valuable "Trademark Registration"  
      Personal interview (visit, as necessary) before filing an application to discuss the details of a mark and details          
      of designated goods/services.          
      Supporting the most appropriate registration in accordance with an actual usage of a mark          
    (2) Trademark Search: Offering various searches in accordance with client's needs in order to enhance  
       registration possibilities  
      · Search on application and registration of trademark of third party          
      · Search on the presence of distinctiveness of a mark (features recognizable as a mark of a specific entity)          
       <normal search>          
      · Search for extracting mark(s) that is likely to be registrable          
       <simple search>          
      Seek for availability of registration application for a mark and application details for enhancing the chance of registration,          
      and support for the application strategy (when and where the registration application is to be filed, etc.)          
    (3) Support for Client's Staffs: Importance of strategy for utilizing as a "brand"  
      · Advice on an appropriate usage of a mark indispensable for accummulating credibility of a "brand"          
      · Advice on trademark application as a part of counterfeit product measures widespread especially overseas          
      · Delivery of lecture etc. in accordance with various requests          
      Support for client's strategy for protection of a brand utilizing semipermanently usable mark          
    (1) Application documents: "quality, due date and additional value" are our motto  
      • High expertise and vast knowledge and experiences based on examination trend and judicial precedents          
      • Precise identification of designated goods/services based on examination guideline etc.          
      Speedily preparing high-quality application documents          
    (2) Overseas Intellectual Property Strategy: Support for globalization of clients  
      • Experience in patent applications in several tens of foreign countries including BRICs countries.          
      • Close network with foreign representatives          
      • Collection and analysis of information on system and practice of foreign countries          
      • Support for speedy and proper overseas trademark registration in accordance with law systems of foreign countries          
      • Provide various useful information for overseas business deployment and intellectual-property strategy of clients          
    (1) Ideas for Utilization of Trademark Registration: Not only acquisition, but also appropriate utilization  
      Providing search and expert opinion on the presence of infringement, sending warning letter, negotiating,          
      making contract (e.g. licensing) and handling lawsuits          
      Support for active utilization of trademark registration          
    (2) Countermeasure against third party: Offering secure defense against execution of right from a third party  
      Providing search and expert opinion on the presence of in fringement and workaround plan, filing an opposition, filing          
      an invalidation trial, filing not-in-use cancellation trial, filing unfair-use cancellation trial, negotiation, and suggesting          
      countermeasures and solutions          
      Offering best possible solutions against execution of right from a third party          
    (3) Other Business Related to Intellectual Property: Multidimensional support including related laws  
      Consultation not only in patent/utility model, design and trademark, but also in related laws such as unfair          
      competition prevention law and copyright law          
      Offering support for wide intellectual-property related matters including related laws          
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