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  I was appointed as the managing partner of Kinoshita & Associates on January 1, 2016.  
  I joined Kinoshita & Associates in 2006, which my father, Jitsuzo KINOSHITA, had founded. I have handled  
  management of the firm as well as cases mainly related to the trademark as a partner since an entity of  
  our firm was changed from private firm to corporate firm in 2007. In particular I have struggled to improve  
  services for our esteemed clients in all intellectual properties including patent, design and trademark  
  as an acting managing partner since April 1, 2015.  
  This year 2016 is a favorable opportunity for me to become the managing partner after just one decade since  
  I joined Kinoshita & Associates. Again I take my original purpose to heart that I will struggle to do a lot for  
  our clients and colleagues related to our firm and all future clients to need intellectual property services.
    Keeping this purpose in mind, I will continuously work for them.  
    Meanwhile circumstances of Japanese intellectual properties have been continuously changed such as  
    subsequent revisions of related laws in 2015 and 2016. An important decision on the Supreme Court case  
    related to “Product-by-process claim” was rendered in Japan last year. This case law has affected Japanese  
    patent practice significantly. We will provide foreign clients with recent information on Japanese intellectual  
    properties. Also, we will provide them with more reliable service in view of the above-mentioned changes  
    and case law.  
    We have provided high-quality service to meet our foreign clients’ expectations based on thirty-six year’s
    experience and confidence. We will continuously provide high-quality service to satisfy foreign clients than ever.
    Finally please allow us to remind you that our business philosophy is “To provide long-term intellectual-property  
    related service, and to contribute to social development through the intellectual properties”. I will develop  
    Kinoshita & Associates further as a reliable partner for our clients, practicing this philosophy. We are looking  
    forward to working with you for cases related to intellectual properties.  
      Taeko KOIZUMI  
      Attorney-at-law/Patent Attorney  
      Managing Partner  
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