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  Apr. 1979 Kinoshita&Associates, Established in Shinjuku, Tokyo  
  Apr. 1981 Relocated to Shibuya, Tokyo for Business Expansion  
  Apr. 1985 Jitsuzo KINOSHITA became Vice-Chairman of Japan Patent Attorneys   
  Jan. 1995 Relocated to Ogikubo, Tokyo for Business Expansion  
    Apr. 2003 Jitsuzo KINOSHITA became Representative Vice-Chairman of Japan  
       Patent Attorneys Association  
    Apr. 2004 Jitsuzo KINOSHITA became Chairman of Japan Patent Attorneys Association  
    Apr. 2007 Established Patent Profession Corporation Kinoshita & Associates  
      At the same time established Kinoshita Law Firm  
    Jan. 2011 Takeshi ISHIZAKI became Chief Managing Partner/Officer  
      Jitsuzo KINOSHITA became company’s Chairman  
    Nov.2012 Jitsuzo KINOSHITA was awarded a decoration(The Order of the Rising Sun,  
      Gold Rays with Rosette)by the government of Japan.  
    Apr. 2014 35-Year Anniversary of the Foundation  
    Apr. 2015 Taeko KOIZUMI became Acting Managing Partner  
    Jan. 2016 Taeko KOIZUMI became Managing Partner  
      Takeshi ISHIZAKI became Supervisor in technical issues  
    Sep.2016 Opened a branch office, "Pharma Valley office"  
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